Monday, February 6, 2012

"The beginnings of all things are small." – Cicero

I’m pregnant, again. I’m overjoyed and I am nervous nervous nervous. About the pregnancy, the nursing, the baby, the toddler, life with two children, staying sane and work.  Money, messy messy house and the getting two children to eat dinner. I don’t really love cooking and am I ready to not sleep again? I’m nervous about being pregnant again. I don’t think I really love it like other women.  Scared of the carpel tunnel and is the baby ok and the you have borderline gestational diabetes diet, prick your finger four times a day record your food intake routine. Scared about things I can't even talk about yet. 

I’m scared I’ll never write another poem. 

I’m thrilled to be this baby’s mother, to birth the baby hold the baby name the baby feed the baby. Sleep with new life bathe new life breathe new life. Examine poo, record feedings, look for enough pee. First smile first words first steps. I’m hoping the toddler is potty trained before. The baby. Diapers.

We’ll see.
There’s no turning back, and I couldn’t be more excited (?)                

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