Friday, April 27, 2012

"Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air." - Carl Sandburg

Well now it's really been ages since I last posted. And I feel like it's time to commit to writing more often or accept that I really am not succeeding as merely a fledgling blogger. So, I’m planning to post once a week.

Since I last posted, I have done the following:

1. Celebrated Easter - convincing C to go to the Unitarian Church that morning, taking advantage of the fact that his parents were here for the weekend and don't go to church (=babysitter). Later, we all met up with my Catholic Church going family and Jewish aunt at my mom's for lovely dinner.

2. As planned for in prior post, came to let go of some anger.     

3. Lamented over the fact that I cannot spend more time writing. 

4. Answered the question about what I do for work at least twice, spelling out the details of what I do to make money.  (Completely legal, somewhat stimulating, and involving great co-workers, albeit very un-poetic.)  

5. Randomly became very angry again, realizing that 35th birthday was not celebrated. Rather, it was spent preparing for unplanned abortion ("the procedure").

6. Wrote "writer" next to "occupation?" on form at doctor's office. 

7. Questioned the amount of energy I put into some of my relationships.

8. Became angry again.

9. Counted every blessing; considered fact that every day with Ben is a poem.

10. Attended Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

11. Decided that I may need to have a serious affair with my writing if it is really going to happen; spent one night in seedy motel consummating this relationship.  

12. Wrote a guest blog on how writing makes me a better mother and saner human.

13. Visited wonderful but expensive therapist. Reveled in the fact that my deductible is almost met, hence crappy insurance company will begin covering at 70%.

14. Questioned the amount of energy put in to some family relationships, and whether my energy actually matters.

15. Marveled at the amazing being growing in my belly; imagined birthing, nursing and being with new being.

16. See number 3. 

17. Thought about names for new baby. 

18. Felt terribly sad for the number of children missing, suffering or dying. 

19. Felt terribly angry at the number of children who are mistreated. 

20. Counted my blessings.