Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Hate, emotionalism, and frustration are not policies." - Madeleine Albright

Ever notice how many blog entries begin with some form of an apology? I’m sorry, but I’ve been having a root canal for the past five weeks and just haven’t written - or - I feel so badly, but I’ve been boiling water and it just seems to take FOREVER. I can’t write unless there’s water boiling – or – I’m just so sorry, but my champagne drip dried out and you know what that does to me.

OK, maybe these aren’t exactly the statements you’ve read. Truth is though; the best intentions seem hard to follow through on. And I know all of my followers haves been aching for me to post something.  

I’m here, more pregnant than I’ve ever been and likely more pregnant than I ever will be in the future. (I mean, unless I'm still pregnant tomorrow or the day after that.) I don’t think we’re doing this again. Particularly given that health insurance isn’t covering some more recent tests (nothing to worry about) due to a diagnosis that includes the word “elderly.” Hence, what? Hence, some seemingly regular stuff is not seemingly very regular. Remember, I’m 35? This is just ridiculous. As we know people have babies – and should continue to plan to have such creatures – well beyond this point. But I digress.

I’m looking forward to good old fashioned birth control. Condoms, the pill, maybe something fancier. It's a good choice to have. Which brings me to something that has been on my mind lately: the thought of Mitt Romney as President makes me sicker than pregnancy ever could.  Yup. I was taught that “hate” is really too strong of a word to use to describe any human creature. My mom taught us to say instead, “I dislike  ___ very much.”

The election is still a few months a way, so we should all stay calm. But, I dislike the idea of Mitt Romney as President so very much. Sometimes, when I’m having a peaceful moment talking to the child growing inside of me about how, even though the world is scary and mean, he should want to come out soon to meet us and his brother, I hear Mitt Romney, saying, “Planned Parenthood. We’ll get rid of that.” And it makes me want to hurl. Then there’s Ann Romney addressing I'm not sure who as “you people”. What planet are these Romneys from? Somewhere other than one that believes in access to women’s health, I gather. 

Sometimes, even I feel a little conservative. You know, just wondering where the money will come from and all. Even if you put the politics around abortion and birth control aside, where they belong, I don't get the "we'll get rid of that" bit when it comes to Planned Parenthood. I just feel like the cuts have to be made in the right places. We've already seen so many services cut. Is Mitt Romney going to make it easier for a heroin addict to get a bed at a rehab facility? Is he going to make it more possible for a homeless vet to have a hot meal? Is he going to strive to make a difference for inner city kids who crave a decent education? Doubtful. But he’s pretty clear that he’ll make it more difficult for a woman in need to have access to care. And should one of my sons want to marry a man? Mitt’s pretty certain that shouldn’t happen either, even though let’s face it, love is love. Love is peaceful. Love is not the hate that this guy spews, so of course it is scary for him.  I hope I didn't just lose my one follower, but this doesn't seem like a good use of time, money, or votes.

Speaking of scary and mean, there’s the fact that at least 71 people were shot fifteen minutes into a movie the other night in Colorado. The shooter had multiple guns, all purchased legally easily. Unfortunately, it isn’t shocking. Both sides of the aisle need to do more about gun control, in this mama’s opinion. The amount of money that goes into this is sickening and even liberals seem are afraid to stand up to it. My heart goes out to the families of all involved in this latest and horrible tragedy. 

I know this has been somewhat of a mosh of a posting, but that's it. I’m going to go and try to keep my blood pressure down…  Sending you peace, love and all of that.